Thursday, February 09, 2006

EULA vs GPL (License agreements)

Some features about software covered by the EULA (End User License Agreement) for Microsoft Windows XP:

  • copying was prohibited
  • could be used only on one computer with a maximum of 2 processors
  • cannot be used as a webserver or fileserver
  • required registration after 30 days
  • could stop working if hardware changes were made
  • updates could change the EULA if the company so wished
  • could be transferred to another user only once
  • the new user must agree to the licence terms (no specification how this could be achieved)
  • imposes limitations on reverse engineering
  • gives Microsoft rights to collect information about the system and the its use
  • gives Microsoft the right to supply this information to other organisations
  • gives Microsoft the right to make changes to the computer without having to ask.
  • warranty for the first 90 days
  • fixes, updates or patches carry no warranty

Some features found in the GNU GPL (General public License)

  • freedom to copy, modify and redistribute the software
  • precludes one party from preventing another from having these same freedoms
  • provides coverage for rights of users to copy, modify and redistribute the software
  • no warranty as there is no fee
  • can be sold if the user so decides and services for such software can be charged for
  • any patents must be licensed for everyone's use or not licensed at all
  • modified software must carry no licence fees
  • source code must be provided
  • if there is a change in license, the general terms of the existing one will be maintained.
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