Monday, February 13, 2006

Learn Linux in Brief

Its really tough to make someone understand about each and evrything in linux. So, I just go in the way, I learnt about linux.

Lets broadly describe the linux system in two parts:
1) Internal System : Consist of kernels,how it works etc. Basically what we dont see.
2) External System : Consist of Filesystem,basic commands,installing,uninstalling etc. Basically,What we see.

First of all we will learn about the external linux system then we will move to internal systems because at this point of time you will find a bit difficult to understand some technical terms which are basically used to explain the internal system. Lets begin with the external (whatever we see/use) system of linux.

External System of Linux:
Lets learn about linux in three levels.Lets call it a BASIC, AVERAGE and ADVANCE level. So if you are newbie you should start with Basic level.


1) File Hierarchy in Linux.
2) Using the command line.
3) Viewing and Editing Files.
4) Installing and Uninstalling a software.
5) Basic Softwares List.
6) Playing audio and video files.
7) Setting up internet,LAN,chatting etc.
8) Look and Feel (Appearance)
9) Users and Permissions.
10)Running Java, C, C++ programs.
11)Changing User login and password.
12)Accessing Windows/UNIX from UNIX/Windows.
13)Process Manager (same as task manager).
14)Basic Problem faced by users.

If you have learnt all these things then CONGRATS!! you are become a user of Linux though you still have a lot of things to learn in linux.Now you might get the feel of linux. The feel of freedom or changing anything you wish. Nou you can change anything you wish.

Now its turn to learn a bit more about linux and became a step forward than others. After this level you can atleast fix some of the problems usually faced by you or your friends.

According to me "The best way to learn is to help others with whatever you have."


1) PATH Variables
2) Konsole Look and Feel
3) Mounting and Unmouting Devices.
4) Secure Shell (SSH)
5) Setting up FTP servers
6) Running Servers (PHP,Apache,JSP etc)
7) Mapped Network Drive - Windows Shares - NFS.
8) Grub/Bootloader fixing.
9) Keyboard map
10) Sound Problems
11) Drivers Installation
12) Hard Disk operation.
13) Installing Printer.
14) CD Writing on Linux.
15) Shell Variables and Customization.
16) Getting X to Start on Boot
17) Bash Programming

This is not the end but just a starting towards the linux. It is very tough to know about each and every thing in linux because there is a lot to learn but time is less. If you have reached up to this stage you dont need any newbie guindance but for completeness I am describing all these things to you. As myself are not much familiar with all the things in advance level so its better if you yourself search on internet. I included information about the website which provides information about linux programming etc.


1) Linux Programming
2) Develop GNU/Linux software.
3) Write codes for drivers.
4) Write more sophisticated programs with features such as multiprocessing, multi-threading, interprocess communication, and interaction with hardware devices.

My next topic after finishinf "Learn Linux in brief" will be "How linux works?"

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