Monday, February 13, 2006

Linux Downloading Information

  • Number of Cd's : 5 (five)
  • Download the x86 architechture iso images for 32 bit processor.
  • Download x-86-64 for 64 bit processors.
  • All the .rpm files (prebuilt package) are also available there .If you find some problem during installation and some packages are not installed then you can also download the source file (.rpm) and install them manually.

MANDRAKE (Mandriva):
  • Number of CD: 3

  • Number of CD's : 1 Install CD
  • You will find two kind of CD : Install and Live
  • Install CD: Full Installation Using CD.
  • Live CD :Installation through Internet.

  • Number of CD's : 1
  • I will suggest to use KUBUNTU over UBUNTU because KUBUNTU runs on KDE but UBUNTU hav GENOME environment.Though both are equally good but It is just the case I prefer to use KDE over genome.

  • Its better if you use live CD for installation because it gets updated very frequently.
  • Ultimate Documentation.Read it once
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