Thursday, February 09, 2006

Linux Softwares corresponding to Windows Softwares!!

Linux Softwares corresponding to Windows Softwares:

Most of the man are afraid of using linux because they think that we might havent any linux software corresponding to softwares available in windows.Just check out this list here you can find most of the basic softwares which you usually use in windows

1) Kaffiene,Mplayer (ultimate sound quality)==>Windows Media Player
2) Amarok,XMMS (ultimate)==> Winamp (I prefer to use AMAROK, I believe there is no substitute of amarok)
3) Real player 10==>Real player
4) vsftpd,pureftpd,pro-ftpd (better)==>FTP servers
5) gftp (GUI),ncftp,lftp (better)==>FTP clients
7) valknut (a bit less featured)==>DC++
8) Firefox,konqueror (better)==>Internet Explorer
9) Thunderbird,akregator (news reader),Knode,Kmail==>Mail Clients
10) Kghostview,KPDF (fast)==>pdf reader
11) gaim (all in one,very fast)==>yahoo,msn,aol,jabber etc
12) kdict(havent found any in windows)==>online dictionary
13) Superkaramba (ultimate)==>Yahoo desktop Widgets
14) Open office (Comparable)==>Msoffice
15) Kolour Paint(better) ==>MS Paint
16) X-Chat==>A chat room of all type of person.
17) Kedit,Kate,Kwrite (better)==>Editors
18) Kquickshow ==>Image Viewer
19) Default C compiler ==>not in windows
20) Desktop Sharing ==> Windows cant access linux desktop but linux can access windows desktop
21) SSH client (multiuser, access your computer inlan from anywhere)==>Windows dont have it.

Now let us know what linux has but windows don't (as far as i know)
1) Multiuser: Windows is not multiuser,remote desktop is not called multiusing but in linux we have SSH client through which two or more user can access your computer simultaneously. 2) Eye candies: Windows dont have much themes but Linux has plenty of themes which you can change according to your wish but even if you install themese in windows (using Style XP) you are limited.Visit
3) You can access windows files from linux but not linux files from windows.
4) You can install windows file in linux using "WINE" but vise versa in not true.
5) Website access by commandline is in linux konsole but not in windows.
6) Dual boot software in linux (VMWARE).You can boot windows from linux but not from windows.
7) Last but not the least, FREEDOM which you will never get in Windwos.

There are ofcourse many more differences but for just software level we have atleast these difference.
Ofcourse there are difference in how we boot,work,install,uninstall, etc in linux.i will tryto write more about
2) Why in india WINDOWS is so popular than linux?

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