Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Look and Feel in Linux(APPEARANCE)

Please before reading this see all the snaps I have provided so that atleast you have an idea what I meant by decorating desktop and what are the things which I am describing here.


This is the most interesting part I suppose because I have wasted most of my time in decorating my desktop. In linux, everything is so flexible that I can waste whole day in derocoraing my desktop.You can find a lot of my desktop at i developed some of my own theme using superkaramba. Lets us see how you can make your desktop look great.

I have also provided the download information at last of this topic.

Lets us know what are the things you can edit in any linux distribution:

1) Desktop Background:

2) Themes / Styles of the windows.

3) Window Decorations :
To decorate the windows like to change title bar.

4) Icons set:
There is no comparison of icons sets in linux than in windows.

5) System Sound:
It includes all the media files like notification, booting,clicking, etc sounds.

6) Color scheme :
Color Scmehe for windows.

7) Screensavers

8) Splash Screen:
This is the screen which get displayed during login into any user.

9) Bootsplash:
It get displayed during booting linux. It is by default in suse,mandrake etc. but in some distros like gentoo you may need to make some change in kernel if it is not included during kernel installation.

10) Service menu:
It is basically the menu this you see after right click on some application. You can add or delete the items in menu.

11) KDM Themes


I bet you will love to use these things:

12) System Monitor (Displaying Informations on Desktop):
This is done by using Superkaramba. Superkaramba is just like yahoo widget in windows. Superkarama was developed before and it is much more flexible to use than yahoo widget. You can even create your own superkaramba themes.

13) Taskbar V2:
See in attached pic. It is a taskbar on which if you put the mouse show the preview of the image.

14) Kpager:
Pagers are small applications that manage your virtual desktops.

15) Yakuake (Cool terminal Emulator):
You will love to use this.

16) Conky:
Similar to superkaramba but very light and a ot of informations. Need to go thorough manaual if you want to use that.

17) Eterm:
A transparent/borderless terminal.


1) All from 1-11:

2) System Monitor (Karamba)

3) Taskbar V2:

4) Kpager:

5) Yakuake (Cool terminal Emulator):

6) Conky:

7) Eterm:
==> Search for ODT_script
==> Steps to do (if you dont find it in internet)
==> Save below script as
====> kstart --alldesktops --keepbelow --skippager --skiptaskbar Eterm --geometry 90x30+365+315 --trans=true --borderless --scrollbar=false --buttonbar=false -f white --cmod 190 -c white &
==> in konsole run $./

You can mail me personally at and can visit website which is daily updated by me or


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