Thursday, February 09, 2006

Why in india WINDOWS is so popular than linux?

In india most of the user prefer to use windows over Linux. The only problem is that they get everything for free (ofcourse its not free).They dont have to pay for that.They got each and every software serial key or crack for free. Thats why they never get the feel that how much costly windows is.They are lucky that they born in India not in US or they would have known the importace of license.Most of us never read agreements. Whenever a license prompt flashes they just click (without reading) on "Yes they agree".They really dont have any idea about the EULA (End User License Agreement) for Microsoft Windows XP.So I just wanted to briefly explain what does really EULA means and how much freedom you will get in GNU GPL (General public License). In the next section I put up a comparison between EULA and GPL.This will seriously help those who has planned to move US. Because there you wont be able to use windows or paid softwares for free.They are very strict in case you are using it without buying the license.You will have to buy licenses everytime you do some major changes (hardware change) in your computer.

If you have to know more about EULA and GPL difference please erad my next blog titled as "EULA" vs "GPL"
Click here to read about EULA and GPL.

Once you read this atleast the sympathy you have for Gates will atleast decend a bit.


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