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Is wine really faster then Windows?

Would you believe that Wine is faster than native Windows XP on the same hardware?
According to the Wine crew's latest benchmark runs, it's true.

System Configuration for comparision:
1) Both systems, Windows XP SP 2 and Gentoo,
2) Both system, 3.8GHz Intel 570 Pentium box with an 800MHz FSB (front side bus).
3) A gigabyte of 533MHz DDR2 (double data rate) RAM
4) And a 60GB IDE ATA100 hard drive.
5) Version of WINE on both system: Wine 0.9.5.

Graphic Tests:
1) Wine isn't just edging out XP, it's killing it! It won the majority, 67, of the total tests.
2) Its wheel fall off when it tries more complex 3D manipulations, such as pixel shading and point sprites, as measured by the 3DMark2001SE 1024x768x16 test suite.
3) Translated from gamer graphics talk, you're not going to be running top-of-the-line 3D games on Wine anytime soon.
4) On the popular Quake 3 (game) time demo at a setting of 1024x768x32, Gentoo and Wine clocked in at between 7.0 and 7.8 percent slower than Windows. That's certainly playable.
5) It did take home first place in such areas as memory access and CPU performance. It also did better than XP at basic file copying.
6) Such as loading the application, Wine lagged far behind XP. Loading a Windows application in Wine took 37.1 percent longer than it did in Windows.

I think, though, that focusing on these numbers, either at a quick glance, which makes you think Linux is the winner, or at a closer level, where XP is for practical purposes clearly the leader, misses the point. With Wine, or its commercial brother, CodeWeavers Inc.'s CrossOver Office 5.0, you can run many of the most popular Windows programs on Linux.

We all know someone who might be willing to try Linux, except that "It doesn't support Quicken, Word, Dreamweaver, iTunes, whatever." With Wine or CrossOver, that's not a problem. You can run these, and many other big-time Windows favorites.

I'm not just talking to hear myself talk here. I've not only tested CrossOver fairly thouroughly to find that it works well, I also use it on all of my Linux desktop systems.

While I'd love to lead a Windows-software-free existence, I can't. Every now and again I have to use a website that just won't work quite right with anything except Internet Explorer. Or, I run into a complex Word document that simply won't translate perfectly into 2.0. For those times, Wine and CrossOver Office are invaluable.

It's not really that important that Wine or XP is faster at a given task. What's important is that Wine lets me run Windows applications on my Linux desktop at a decent speed. From that perspective, Wine's a winner regardless of benchmark numbers.

Wine: The open-source, program that enables you to run some Windows programs on Linux.

How gates make so much of money?What do you mean by monopoly in market? How did he established monopoly IT world? ...

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EULA vs GPL (License agreements)

Some features about software covered by the EULA (End User License Agreement) for Microsoft Windows XP:

  • copying was prohibited
  • could be used only on one computer with a maximum of 2 processors
  • cannot be used as a webserver or fileserver
  • required registration after 30 days
  • could stop working if hardware changes were made
  • updates could change the EULA if the company so wished
  • could be transferred to another user only once
  • the new user must agree to the licence terms (no specification how this could be achieved)
  • imposes limitations on reverse engineering
  • gives Microsoft rights to collect information about the system and the its use
  • gives Microsoft the right to supply this information to other organisations
  • gives Microsoft the right to make changes to the computer without having to ask.
  • warranty for the first 90 days
  • fixes, updates or patches carry no warranty

Some features found in the GNU GPL (General public License)

  • freedom to copy, modify and redistribute the software
  • precludes one party from preventing another from having these same freedoms
  • provides coverage for rights of users to copy, modify and redistribute the software
  • no warranty as there is no fee
  • can be sold if the user so decides and services for such software can be charged for
  • any patents must be licensed for everyone's use or not licensed at all
  • modified software must carry no licence fees
  • source code must be provided
  • if there is a change in license, the general terms of the existing one will be maintained.
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Why in india WINDOWS is so popular than linux?

In india most of the user prefer to use windows over Linux. The only problem is that they get everything for free (ofcourse its not free).They dont have to pay for that.They got each and every software serial key or crack for free. Thats why they never get the feel that how much costly windows is.They are lucky that they born in India not in US or they would have known the importace of license.Most of us never read agreements. Whenever a license prompt flashes they just click (without reading) on "Yes they agree".They really dont have any idea about the EULA (End User License Agreement) for Microsoft Windows XP.So I just wanted to briefly explain what does really EULA means and how much freedom you will get in GNU GPL (General public License). In the next section I put up a comparison between EULA and GPL.This will seriously help those who has planned to move US. Because there you wont be able to use windows or paid softwares for free.They are very strict in case you are using it without buying the license.You will have to buy licenses everytime you do some major changes (hardware change) in your computer.

If you have to know more about EULA and GPL difference please erad my next blog titled as "EULA" vs "GPL"
Click here to read about EULA and GPL.

Once you read this atleast the sympathy you have for Gates will atleast decend a bit.

Linux Softwares corresponding to Windows Softwares!!

Linux Softwares corresponding to Windows Softwares:

Most of the man are afraid of using linux because they think that we might havent any linux software corresponding to softwares available in windows.Just check out this list here you can find most of the basic softwares which you usually use in windows

1) Kaffiene,Mplayer (ultimate sound quality)==>Windows Media Player
2) Amarok,XMMS (ultimate)==> Winamp (I prefer to use AMAROK, I believe there is no substitute of amarok)
3) Real player 10==>Real player
4) vsftpd,pureftpd,pro-ftpd (better)==>FTP servers
5) gftp (GUI),ncftp,lftp (better)==>FTP clients
7) valknut (a bit less featured)==>DC++
8) Firefox,konqueror (better)==>Internet Explorer
9) Thunderbird,akregator (news reader),Knode,Kmail==>Mail Clients
10) Kghostview,KPDF (fast)==>pdf reader
11) gaim (all in one,very fast)==>yahoo,msn,aol,jabber etc
12) kdict(havent found any in windows)==>online dictionary
13) Superkaramba (ultimate)==>Yahoo desktop Widgets
14) Open office (Comparable)==>Msoffice
15) Kolour Paint(better) ==>MS Paint
16) X-Chat==>A chat room of all type of person.
17) Kedit,Kate,Kwrite (better)==>Editors
18) Kquickshow ==>Image Viewer
19) Default C compiler ==>not in windows
20) Desktop Sharing ==> Windows cant access linux desktop but linux can access windows desktop
21) SSH client (multiuser, access your computer inlan from anywhere)==>Windows dont have it.

Now let us know what linux has but windows don't (as far as i know)
1) Multiuser: Windows is not multiuser,remote desktop is not called multiusing but in linux we have SSH client through which two or more user can access your computer simultaneously. 2) Eye candies: Windows dont have much themes but Linux has plenty of themes which you can change according to your wish but even if you install themese in windows (using Style XP) you are limited.Visit
3) You can access windows files from linux but not linux files from windows.
4) You can install windows file in linux using "WINE" but vise versa in not true.
5) Website access by commandline is in linux konsole but not in windows.
6) Dual boot software in linux (VMWARE).You can boot windows from linux but not from windows.
7) Last but not the least, FREEDOM which you will never get in Windwos.

There are ofcourse many more differences but for just software level we have atleast these difference.
Ofcourse there are difference in how we boot,work,install,uninstall, etc in linux.i will tryto write more about
2) Why in india WINDOWS is so popular than linux?

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Linux for Newbie

Is using LINUX tough?
Most of the people has misconception that using linux is very tough.Is it true?
Believe me,If you will start to use linux you will see that its really very easy to use and at the same time you will learn a lot from linux.
I really have the same fear few years back.Why to use linux??Why dont we just use this simple windows?Its providing me all the facilities,all kinds of softwares, all kind of players, everything i need.But I think I was wrong.Do u think windows give us all sorts of freedom which we need. Ofcourse not.

For the time being let us remove this misconception that Windows is easier to use than linux? Because if you stick to this point you will never feel the LINUX.So lets forget about that concept.

Now see,just answer yourself what you really usually do in windows?
Let me guess, you listen to songs,watch videos,do some kind assignement (in MSoffice),install different softwares,uninstall,use ftp,run servers..what else you can think of?If you are very much smart you write programs,you check out minutes details..but I can bet a windows user hardly do that.Thats all you do right!You can do all these things in linux too and (may be i am biased) sound quality is better in linux than in windows.You just need to install some players (most of linux usually have those software in installation CD these days).

Linux is easier to use:
Everyone thinks that its really tough to work on linux environment than on WINDOWS.Its bullshit!! Dont you think when you have used windows for the first time it was a bit tough to understand everything.Just look at you are you might be using windows since few years thats why you have now commanded windows.Simliar to that If you start to work on linux you wont take few days to get familiar with it. There are hell lot of sites avalaible ,chat room available for disscussing the porblem in linux but but i dont know any popular room in windows.If you have any problem in windows, ask for windows service with payments.One more thing, each and everything in linux is so structured that its really easy to use.Its really own charm to work on command prompt than by using mouse.Try it out sometime.

Secondly,Linux launched a Distribution called "XANDROS" which have all the features that WINDOWS have,even its look is so much like windows.That was meant for those guys who find difficult to switch from windows to linux and for those who thinks that windows has good GUI than linux.Development of XANDROS proves that "we can do anything".If you also find difficulty in switching, I recommend you to use XANDROS but these days SUSE and MANDRAKE is leading (in terms of users).

Third, If you say windows look better.Please check out this website Your all doubt will be clear.

Fourth, Windows look sometimes irritaes me because we cant change the look.The only thing we can change is background pic.As now few softwares are avaliable in market like styleXp which is now use to change the theme.But that is limited only if you wish to change the font color to your own choice we cant do that.But here you canmake your own theme and other can use that.We are recognized for the product we made.You can post your code at , etc.Overall you will love to work on linux than on windows at the same time you will come to know how much easy is now a days to work on linux.

Installation is not a problem in linux:
Some of the guys thinks that its hard to install linux.Its rubbish.may i ask you have you ever installed windows on your comp yourself that you pressume that it hard to install linux.Install suse,mandrake sometime in your computer.I think that is much more easier to install suse these days.You will see a good background while installing suse. If you still feel panic then you can just go through the suse wesbite.They wil guide you how to do that.Its much more smooth than windows.Atleast you dont need to install each and every driver from motherboard CD in linux.All drivers are automatically detected and installted.Even it will install all important software like (open office,editors etc).And if you have to install office in windows you need to find out crack first,mount the CD using daemon too,then start the installation. Here you dont need to do such things. Because there is not propieretry software. In suse we have smart YAST (control center) these days, which make the installation and uninstallation of software easier these days. Just a single click will solve the purpose.

Linux is not slower:
Who says this?? I dont believe it.As smart users access everything using command prompt,it is always faster than GUI. Yeah but if you talk of speed, i do find it a bit slower than windows but I have explanation for that. Just check out how much software in linux is already installed and compare it with windows. Windows dont have important software like msoffice,editiors,servers etc installed in them but for user sake linux install all those software of its own.But there is choice if you dont want to install these softwares in linux during installation then you can uncheck the options.And then compare the speed of linux with windows.It will run much much faster than windows in that case.

Konsole of Linux is much smart then DOS in windows:
Ofcourse this is true. Hope I dont need any explanation for my this statements.

Linux is a community work while windows is individual:
Now tell me do u believe in team work or just individual work??ofcourse your answer is TEAM WORK. See here what is going on? A chunk of people sitting arround and contributing for the code of windows.They just can think of those problem in handling windows which they came accross or by different users of windows.But here in linux we have a big community which includes each and every man of this world who can contribute in writting code.So ofcourse product will be better.

I hope some of you must start to use Linux after reading this article because I have gone through the same phase as you are going.If you are still not clear just watch "ANTITRUST" movie. Its supperb. It has changed my life and I hope yours too.

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